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6 Reasons Employers Should Be Frantically Chasing Tennis On Campus Leaders

“USTA Tennis On Campus (TOC) is designed to provide college students with a host of opportunities for team camaraderie, social networking and unrivaled competition through tennis—without the demands of a varsity program. The fun co-ed format is designed to accommodate all levels of play, and the top teams can compete for regional and national championships. Tennis On Campus helps students maintain active and healthy lifestyles through their college years and helps them to stay connected to the lifetime sport of tennis.” –

  • leadershipLeadership: Did you have an internship in college? What was the extent of your responsibilities? Maybe if you’re lucky you were put in charge of a minor project to compliment your coffee running prowess. Now imagine that instead of being told to enter data you were handed the reigns to the company. This is the job of a TOC captain. Plenty of natural leaders graduate college every year. Few can say they actually led an organization. Would you hire someone with executive level experience who is only looking for an entry level pay?
  • Delegation: Anyone who has been in a management position can tell you effective delegation is key to success. Depending on the scope and size of an individual club the captain can be responsible for overseeing 100+ players and 3+ traveling teams. The subsequent tasks include fundraising, practice schedules, team selection, team dinners, tournament coordination, school paper work, conference calls, lodging, and the list goes on. Did I mention they have a full load of course work!! No one person can manage the club organization by themselves. The captains learn quickly the necessity of appointing teammates to handle specific tasks unless they plan on never sleeping.
  • Organization: An “unorganized TOC leader” is an oxymoron. There are simply too many things to keep straight not to have your ducks in a row. The methods may change; some like spreadsheets, some like paper, some like face to face, some like social media. Whatever the method I can assure you that every captain across the country could lay out a long list of tools they use to keep from running in circles.
  • Entrepreneurship: Little tangent (In my opinion having entrepreneurial experience is the most versatile quality to have on a resume. It’s a hallmark of a critical thinker who is constantly re-examining their world looking for opportunities. What employer doesn’t want that kind of engaged mindset in their staff?)

There is a very low bar to have a TOC team at your school. Basically all you need is 3 men, 3 women, and transportation. However, this minimum standard is rarely the case. The kind of person that gets attracted to captainship is not a “minimum standard” kind of leader. In reality, all across the country you will find men and women stretching themselves thin and honing their entrepreneurial skills to improve the experience for their teammates….and loving it! Going above and beyond is the norm not the exception.

  • Salesmanship: Put yourself in the shoes of a captain as the school year is starting. Every year their are freshmen who have eyes for playing NCAA tennis. However, you will likely need 1-2 NCAA level players to be at the top of the stack at sectionals and certainly nationals. The best captains can convince a few of those prospective NCAA players that their college experience will ultimately be more fruitful as part of the tennis club. In doing so literally changing the next 4-6 years of those player’s lives. Anybody work in sales out there?
  • Relationship Building: As the leader of the program the captain must facilitate and grow relationships throughout their tenure. Included are the more obvious external relationships like the USTA, the respective school’s athletic department, and the other TOC teams. The less obvious are the internal team relationships. Ever tried to unite a bunch of teenagers? Not exactly an enviable task…now imagine that you’re their same age! The best captains take their teams beyond tennis and create a community.

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