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Going for the Four-Peat

For the Peninsula Tennis Club Women’s 3.5 team, District Championships are nothing new to them. In fact, a few of the members have gone to three other Sectional Championships this year alone!

What makes this accomplishment so special is the fact that their entire team has to come from their club. “We can’t recruit outside of the club so it definitely makes it harder when we play against teams who can recruit anywhere,” Adrienne Leigh, the captain explains. “I am so proud of our team for everything they’ve accomplished, so I made a small speech at dinner the other night to remind them how much we’ve achieved.”

Captain Adrienne Leigh, Marissa Hauselt, and Carolyn Dowling have all gone to the Adult 55 & Over 3.5 Sectionals, NorCal Combo 6.5 Districts, NorCal Mixed 55 & Over Sectionals 7.0 and are now at the Adult 40 & Over Districts to try to reach Sectionals a fourth time. “Knowing that we are limited in who can play, making it to the top ten percent of a league four times is so incredible,” Adrienne reiterates, with a huge smile on her face. Team member Beth Cody shares her captain’s excitement to be at Districts: “We’re just happy to be here, physically able to play tennis and in good shape,” she says. “We really feel like we’re back in high school or college hanging out and having such a good time,” she says laughing. Beth pauses, and quickly adds “maybe just college.”

This impressive group of women shows no sign of slowing down, practicing and trying to get better every day. “We keep getting better because, even though we are a fairly small club, we have a strong core of 40 years old and 55 years old players,” Beth acknowledges.

This remarkable success has been a fruit of their hard and we wish them good luck this weekend as they attempt their four-peat.

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