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All for One and One for All

In a very individual sport, team events are always welcome by most to find the camaraderie and team atmosphere that are not as present during individual events.

The Adult 40 & Over Women’s 3.5 team out of Morgan Hill Tennis Club has been dedicated to create that team environment and it has worked so far. The team, whose name is the Hot Shot Beauties, was founded two years ago and they reached the District Championships on their first try. “From the beginning the goals we would set were for the team,” Bianconi Ha, Co-Captain, explained. “We really tried to show that we were taking care of each other, so even if you’re out there by yourself playing singles, you know that you’re not alone and the entire team is behind you.” So they wouldn’t forget that, one team member bought small mints packets and had them personalized to say “We can do it,” so everybody know they were supported.

But for Captain Kate Gillis and Bianconi, this goes much further than that. It’s about taking care of their players, making all of them feel part of the team and coming together as one. “I am so happy that we were able to make the players believe in the team coming together to win, and not having players who have an agenda. I am very grateful that our players are on the same page as us,” Bianconi says. And it hasn’t only been about cheering on each other during tennis matches, but the little things that make a difference. For example, one player would pack a small bag with Band-Aids, hair ties or other practical things the players might need. 

Their philosophy has paid off as they were able to get past Districts this year and reached the Sectional Championships, after only two years of playing together. “Last year, everything was new and there was a big learning curve at Districts, but I think everybody was a lot more relaxed this year,” Bianconi says laughing. “It has just been so fun to have them around and play together, it’s a great group.”

If these past two years tell us anything, the Morgan Hill Tennis Club Adult 40 & Over Women’s 3.5 team is here to stay and we can’t wait to see where their team spirit will take them.

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