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Team NorCal Reclaims North South Wheelchair Challenge Cup

Team NorCal faced off with its rival SoCal during the sixth North vs South Wheelchair Challenge for a chance to reclaim the trophy. Hosted by the Sunnyside Health and Fitness Club in Fresno, CA, on October 21-22, the tournament saw both teams compete their hearts out with the nine players from Team NorCal bringing the trophy home for the fifth time! “Team NorCal played extremely well this weekend,” Christy Perez, USTA NorCal Tennis Service Representative said.  “The weather was perfect for tennis and our team came to compete and win the cup back. I am very proud of our team and all the amazing athletes involved in the challenge from both sides. This event is something they look forward to competing in every year and I am excited to be a part of it.”

Picture on the left: Team NorCal with the trophy. Picture on the right: The trophy buckled up for the trip back to NorCal.

At the end of the first day, NorCal was up 7-5, but both teams put the competition aside to enjoy a fun night with a buffet dinner and karaoke. However, after a fun night, it was time for the teams to get back on the court. Team SoCal gave NorCal everything they’ve got but NorCal was able to overcome a very competitive team, winning 17-7 in the end. Both squads competed in the Open, A, B, and C divisions, playing one singles and one doubles per day, per division.

Team NorCal on the left and team SoCal on the right.

Congratulations to all the players who participated for a great display of tennis and sportsmanship.
SoCal Players:                                NorCal Players:


Tom Ayala                                         Marsten Anderson
Todd Hanover                                Marcus Causton
Atif Moon                                         David Van Brunt
Jerry Newman                               Michael Yousefi
Mike Garafola                                Michael Applegate
Tammy Albertson                        Daniel Ignacio
Paul Shin                                           David Mendoza
Jerry Russell                                   Fabian Acosta
Tony Lara                                          Marcus Oden

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