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High School Senior Brings Adaptive Tennis to Orinda Community

Can you imagine offering something to someone that they thought would never be accessible to them? On October 21, 2017, this is exactly what Bryce Radlaw, a senior at Miramonte High School, and USTA NorCal did by offering tennis to youth during the Adaptive Unlimited Sports (AUS) Day. Bryce founded his organization Adaptive Unlimited Sports, in 2015, and since then has focused on bringing tennis to disabled athletes. The event, which took place at Miramonte High School, consisted of two hours of tennis designed to help kids with disabilities enjoy tennis. “Adaptive Unlimited Sports’ inaugural event was a complete success with about 20 athletes attending,” Radlaw said with excitement. “Coached by Special Olympics instructor Christine Costamagna and myself, we focused on providing the tools for adaptive athletes to get more involved in tennis.”

Costamagna, who is also on the USTA NorCal Board of Directors, was thrilled with the way the event went. “This was the first step in getting tennis out there,” Costamagna explained. “There are no special Olympics or Adaptive Tennis in Orinda, so this was a fantastic day!”

To continue this great momentum, Bryce and USTA NorCal are working out the details to have another Adaptive Day in the spring. Cherry Silva, USTA NorCal Tennis Service Representative, helped with the event and can’t wait to continue building on this event, “It was such a magnificent feeling as I proceeded to get on the court and participate in the activities. The time went by quickly and it was one of the most gratifying and inspiring events that I have been part of in 2017. It’s definitely one of my highlights and I look forward to having more of these events in my sector.”


Adaptive Tennis focuses on the developmentally disabled such as players with Down syndrome, autism, or who are sight-impaired.

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