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Historic First Ever Volunteer Engagement Event on the USS Hornet

Taking place on a piece of history, the first Volunteer Engagement event hosted by USTA NorCal was a chance for Board Members, Committee Chairs and staff to invite the tennis community to learn more about USTA NorCal and volunteering. On November 14, attendees gathered on the USS Hornet in Alameda, CA, so the staff could answer any questions about the ins and outs of volunteering from board to committee level.

Before the event started, attendees were treated to a tour of the USS Hornet, seeing aircrafts that served in WWII docked in the hangar, helicopters, and even the Apollo capsule! Food and beverage were also provided throughout the event. Check out some pictures here.

The time came for Linda Peltz, Vice-President of the USTA NorCal Board of Director, to talk about the different things the Board work on to helps grow the game of tennis, then she was followed by the Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee Craig Pasqua , who shared his experience and the fulfillment in his role. Bill Leong, USTA Diversity and Inclusion Director, spoke about the many ways members can make a difference and the last speaker was none other than USTA NorCal Executive President Steve Leube. He spoke about what a difference our volunteers make in the game of tennis, the different programs and committees available, which was followed by a Q&A session.

After the Q&A session, attendees participated in a raffle with USTA NorCal prizes to win, and some networking time was set aside to give everyone a chance to mingle at the end of the night. “Managing all the aspects of tennis takes a village. We’re proud to offer this event so that new potential volunteers learn about the inner workings and the behind-the-scenes effort done to be one of the best sections,” USTA NorCal Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Silvia Dueñas-Bielser, said. “Our goal is that they find themselves in this part of the organization and help us make a difference.

We are very happy to report that “in the end, many attendees said that they would indeed apply for committee positions in 2018,” Silvia, happily stated.

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