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Thank You NorCal Tennis Community!

On behalf of USTA NorCal and Mount Diablo High School, we want to thank everybody who was a part of our Giving Tuesday campaign.

Thanks to all of your hard work and generosity, Tennis Community Cares was able to give the gift of tennis to a group of high school tennis players in need! With all the new gear and equipment donated, the High School Varsity team will have everything they need to compete this upcoming year. Through the campaign, the NorCal tennis community donated:

  • 80 racquets
  • 8 bag packs
  • 5 tennis racquet covers
  • 2 tennis bags
  • 50 pair of shoes
  • 900+ piece of clothing! (shorts, tops, skirts, pants, jackets, socks, and sports bras)

Connor Schultz, Mylene Mukhar, Cherryl Silva, and David  Pintado. 

David Pintado, the Boys’ Tennis Coach, was speechless as we pulled up to the school with the tennis equipment and he discovered all the supplies and equipment donated to his team. “You are just planting a seed and building a wonderful foundation for future generation of tennis players,” David stated after receiving the equipment. “I’m really honored to receive all these supplies, the kids will love it and will use them all. I’m just thrilled and so happy for them!”  

David’s team was chosen by USTA NorCal Tennis Service Representative Cherryl Silva who had been working with them for a while and helped organize the donation drive. “I have been with USTA NorCal for 17 years and people like David are exactly why I got involved,” Cherryl said. “People like David inspire us to do even more and their passion for the sport reminds us why we do what we do.”

This donation drive wouldn’t have taken place without Tennis Community Cares (TCC) and their countinuous efforts to help their community. Connor Schultz who manages TCC, went everyday after school pick up the donations as they arrived. “The Tennis Pro at the Blackhawk Country Club put a flyer around the club to let the members know about our campaign,” Connor revealed. “In addition to the original three clubs who participated (Blackhawk Country Club, Crow Canyon Country Club, and Diablo Country Club), Rancho Colorados Tennis Club took part in the campaign once they found out about it, so we got some good momentum who helped us get all this great gear and equipment.”

Picture on the left: Mt Diablo HS tennis players choosing their new racquet. Picture on the right: All the gear and equipment donated by Tennis Community Cares.

The Giving Tuesday campaign was truly a team effort and wouldn’t have been as successful if it weren’t for everyone’s generosity. Because the campaign was so successful, another High School will benefit from all the donation and will be chosen at a later time.

In the meantime, enjoy some fun pictures of David and his team discovering all their new equipment! Click HERE.

Check out how excited David and his teams were when receiving all the equipment and gear! Click HERE.


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