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3 Most Common Misconceptions About Tennis From New Players

As a USTA community representative my mission is to grow the game. As you can imagine much of my time is spent speaking to new and prospective players. Here are the 3 most common misconceptions about tennis that I hear as reasons not to pick up the


GET INSPIRED TO PLAY TENNIS! Watch these former tennis champions talk about their tennis family: Mary Jo Fernandez  Gigi Fernandez  Find yourself (and your family members) in the game: Katrina Adams, USTA President Contact your AREA Tennis Service Representative (TSR) for more information.

5 Best Tips For New USTA Captains

Here are the 5 best tips for new Adult League captains from past USTA Captain of the Year, Kathryn Kerby. 1. Choose the right Co-Captain: “One that has the availability to support you with different aspects in running a team such as organizing team practice,

FREE Equipment For Your School

Want to keep students physically active for the rest of their lives? Sign-up your school to host a Schools Tennis Workshop (3-hour training for staff and parent volunteers) and they’ll receive a free tennis kit to introduce tennis on the playground. FUN way to get

Got Lines on Your Courts/Playground?

NOW is the time to get your lines done and avoid having to tape them in the future! USTA Nor Cal in partnership with National USTA will provide funding to get lines painted on your existing courts and also on school playgrounds. Free equipment (nets,

H.I.T.S. – Red Ball Junior Team Tennis Training

Red Ball Junior Team Tennis is a new program for kids 10 and under that will not only have a continued focus on life lessons and actual tennis play like the H.I.T.S. program, but also an emphasis on exhibiting great teamwork on and off the court.

BONUS for 5.5 Combo Teams!

Organize a 5.5 Combo Team and earn a $150 bonus for any teams that have at least 3 USTA members new to Adult Leagues. Register teams from 7/20 – 8/17/15. Match season: September 14- Decembers 13, 2015. NEW! 6.5 Combo Teams Added to Daytime League. A

DO YOU HAVE TEAM SPIRIT? – Start a Team this Fall

We’re providing incentives to help you start Junior Team Tennis in your community this Fall, For youth ages 6-18. Different levels available for Red, Orange, Green, and Yellow Ball. Get something started in your area NOW! Find Out More

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