Getting to Know Rudy Quan

Rudy Quan had never participated in a National Level 1 tournament before the 2018 USTA National Winter Championship, so when he entered the competition, his main goal was to play his best and get used to that level of competition. But it looks like Rudy needed no getting used to as he left the tournament with a Gold Ball in his hands and the title of national champion!

Rudy Quan, who lives in Roseville, CA, and trains at Johnson Ranch Racquet Club in Roseville, was introduced to tennis by his Dad, Robert Quan, and started taking lessons at the age of four. Almost 12 years old now, Rudy still enjoys the game as much as he did when he first picked it up. “I like that tennis is non-stop action. I always get a rush of adrenaline when I play,” Rudy explains. His favorite player is a perfect reflection of why he loves the game. “My favorite player is Rafael Nadal because he is a fiery player and I like his personality and his passion for tennis.”

Picture on the left: Rudy at age 4. Picture on the right: Rudy at age 5.

The new national champion definitely got his share of adrenaline rush during the USTA National Winter Championship, winning seven matches in a row without losing a set, and beating the No. 1 and No. 4 seeds! His result was a complete surprise to him, along with the experience of a level 1 national tournament: “I was very excited to play this tournament but didn’t have any expectations coming in, I just knew it was going to be a tough tournament,” Rudy states. “I was really surprised by my result and enjoyed the experience of this type of tournament with a larger draw, longer stay, and the competition level was very high.”

Picture on the left: First tournament win at Laguna Creek Racquet Club at age 7. Picture in the middle: Win B14s Open in Manteca at age 10. Picture on the right: 2018 champion at the USTA National Winter Championship in Tucson, AZ.

Even though tennis is a big part of Rudy’s life, he also plays soccer competitively, with some big tournaments coming, on top of continuing playing in tennis tournaments. Rudy is a 12-year-old boy with plenty of hobbies as he likes to play the piano and of course FIFA on his Xbox. Coming from his best result, Rudy is looking forward to the next tournaments and we, at USTA NorCal, can’t wait to see him compete in 2018!