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The Adult 70 & Over 7.0 Men just Can’t Get Enough

The USTA NorCal Adult 70 & Over league provides the same team camaraderie and competitive experience as the Adult 18 & Over league.  Our most senior players, some in their 90’s, kick-off the Adult 70 league with a series of NorCal hosted tennis events in July which leads to the formation of approximately 35 teams each fall.

The division that consistently has the most participation is the7.0 men. Twenty one teams from all over the Bay Area registered and were placed into four local leagues.  After a season of 10 local league matches, four winning local leagues teams were determined and that was the end of the line for the league.  But these gentlemen wanted more tennis and the opportunity to determine a section-wide 7.0 division winner.

L to R: Alan Reshel, Khush Bodhan, Bill Hansen (Capt.) Ken Thomason, John Quandt, Bob Dickerson, Al Mueller, Manohar Sohal, Suresh Patel. Not pictured: Bill Raynolds, Joe Farias (Co-Capt.).

Former USTA NorCal Board Director, Bill Hansen coordinated the 2015 league winners for unofficial/unsanctioned semi-finals and championship matches.  Captain Jerry Machle’s Sunnyvale Tennis Club team defeated the Napa Valley Tennis Association, captained by longtime NorCal volunteer and Hall of Fame inductee, Bob Walsh.

When the 2016 Adult 70 & Over local league concluded in March 2017, Hansen once again organized a playoff to determine the 7.0 division winner.   Mission Hills Athletic Club from Fremont, captained by Bill Hansen defeated captain, Jerry Machle’s Sunnyvale Tennis Club team, 2 – 1 at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center to claim 7.0 bragging rights.

The 2017 Adult 70 & Over league will once again begin with season kick-off events for all USTA members who turn 70 in 2017 and older.   The first event is scheduled for July 10 at the Mt. Tam Tennis Club.   For more information, contact DeDee Winfield,

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