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Never Too Late To Play

When she picked up her first tennis racquet at 38 years-old, Dori DeVries never imagined that she would be a part of 18 U.S. teams and counting. Living in Reno, NV, Dori has traveled the world thanks to tennis, and it was no surprise when

The North Wins!!!

A Strong Showing From the North Team  History has a way of repeating itself. In this case, the North beat the South…again. This time it was the team of Super Senior Men from Northern California trouncing the Super Senior Men from Southern California. The numbers

The Adult 70 & Over 7.0 Men just Can’t Get Enough

The USTA NorCal Adult 70 & Over league provides the same team camaraderie and competitive experience as the Adult 18 & Over league.  Our most senior players, some in their 90’s, kick-off the Adult 70 league with a series of NorCal hosted tennis events in

Playing Tennis Saved My Life: The Story of Owen Hand

By June Radicchi When he talks about tennis the years appear to melt away, lines around his mouth blur and his eyes have a definite sparkle as he remembers how much tennis has done for him. At 86 years old, Owen Hand participates in several

Everybody Loves Raymond……….Wat

By: June Radicchi “Ray is Ramsay Park Tennis; he can do it all and often does.  Ray is the heart of it. If there was a Hall of Fame for team captains, Ray would be there, front and center.” Jon Tarr, Ramsay Park Coach Not

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